In case you’ve been away for the last couple days, here’s a update from the Valencia testing – the first of the winter pre-season tests.  So far both Mclaren, Ferrari, Mercedes, Sauber, Renault, Williams and Toro Rosso drivers have been circling the Valencia test track.  It’s great to see the new cars on track.  Here’s the story so far and times from the first two days.

Button in the McLaren - the new helmet looks fab
Toro Rosso had gearbox troubles on day 1, but running well on day 2 and 3...
Barrichello has been the only driver testing the Williams so far - he says he's enjoying himself, which is good to hear.
Alonso takes to the track in a Ferrari and is instantly quick
Schumacher has a thrash around in the MercGP car and is looking as quick as he was in the noughties
Renault had some technical issues but have had some good runs with both Kubica and new boy, Petrov
Hamilton has been flying in the radically brilliant looking McLaren
Great to see Felipe back in the car - and he was the quickest man on day 1 and day 2 - what a comeback!
Kamui 'Kamikaze' Kobayashi drives the superbly minimal looking Sauber
Rosberg gets to drive the MercGP car too, despite Rubens suggesting he gets out of being Schumi's team mate asap

And here are the times from the first two days, it’s tricky to see much in them, with fuel loads and setup unknown, but none the less here you go.

You can follow the testing live with Autosport

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