With the F1 circus on its summer break there’s been a lack of decent news over the past fortnight. What can we say about McLaren when Lewis and Jenson are building sandcastles in Margate? With Alonso and Massa enjoying the delights of Alton Towers how could there be Ferrari news?

But Badger’s been doing some digging (as Badgers are known to do) and we’re now clambering back to the surface with some F1 news. Sensational it ain’t, but it’s definitely worth a read.

Nick Heidfeld has had a boring 2010 thus far, spending most of his time lurking in the Mercedes garage muttering ‘”I could do better than that” every time Michael Schumacher completes a lap.

Nick may soon be swapping this interesting t-shirt for some Pirelli branded gear. It's for the best, Nick. © Sutton/Autosport

But Quick Nick could soon be a far busier lad, with Pirelli- who will become F1’s new tyre supplier in 2011- targeting him as their development driver. That would mean a lot of miles pounding round a test track evaluating tyres, something Nick would probably welcome.

“Before the last race in Abu Dhabi we’ll do six tests with an F1 car from 2009,” Pirelli’s chief of competition Paul Hembery said this week. “We need an extremely experienced but also very fit driver, who can do 500 miles a day and not collapse afterwards. Heidfeld fits this profile very well and would be an ideal candidate.”

Sounds like a fun gig, doesn’t it? Hopefully it’ll lead to Nick being picked up by an F1 team in 2011. He’d

The saga of the new 13th F1 team rumbles on. Ross Brawn has had his say- check this week’s Podium or Pits for the big man’s thoughts- but overall there’s an eerie silence on the matter. Surely the lucky 13th entrant should know they’re in by now, so as to give them adequate time to get ready for their debut season? F1 doesn’t need another USF1, and would ideally want to avoid another Hispania. Spanish sqaud Epsilon Euskadi remain the favourites for the slot, with Jacques Villeneuve and his financially iffy partners Durango next in line.

"Fancy driving for my team, Jenson? There'd be no number one driver, honest." © LAT/Autosport

But perhaps they’ll both get the nod, because things at Hispania- who we think it’s fair to call F1’s 12th team, on performance anyway- may not be around that much longer. Bruno Senna said this week that the team only has finances in place to run until the end of 2010. After that there are no guarantees.

“Although I would love to say the team will be there next year, I think Hispania and the new other teams have the same answer: “it’s not that easy”. I think the financial restrictions cause difficulties in terms of development of the car. That’s the most disturbing aspect,” Bruno told a press conference in his native Brazil.

Bernie Ecclestone has spent much of 2010 saying that one of the new teams will go under before the season’s done. With Lotus looking a stable ship and Virgin (for now at least) having billionaire Richard Branson on board he can only be talking about Hispania. Would they be a loss, or would it be better to simply bring two new teams in? We’ll let you decide that.

Finally, Andy Soucek has left his role as Virgin’s test driver. What do you mean you didn’t even know he had the job!?

Andy (third from left) looks rather grumpy, perhaps because Timo and Lucas are wearing the race suits and he's not. © Autosport

The 25 year-old from Madrid signed up with the rookie team just before the season kicked off, but has so far done little more than hang out on the pitwall. Having totally dominated the Formula 2 championship last season Soucek was hoping for a little more to do, and so has left Virgin to persue options in other series as he tries to crack F1.

“I asked Virgin to give me the opportunity to continue racing in other categories and they accepted,” Soucek said of the split. “At this time I feel more like racing in a lesser category than waiting for something that maybe will never come.”

However Andy was quick to point out that there were no hard feelings or contractual problems- he just wants to race again. Being as he’s a racing driver we can’t blame the lad.

And on that note we must leave you. There’s not been too much happening, has there? But, if you’ve heard any rumours or have an opinion on the week’s ‘news’ get involved and leave us a comment- we want your thoughts.