Ah Monaco we love you but races like that, crikey it makes you wonder if the glitz, glamour and history is enough to keep you on the calendar. It’s not all bad though – the Badgerometer has found our TOP 5 things about the weekend that concluded with a 2hr processional drive around the Cote d’Azur.

badgerometer-5-1Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen mixed the cleverness of a wise veteran, by passing Bottas while he was lapped by Vettel, with the clumsyness of a rookie, by crashing into Grosjean at St Devote. Massa may criticise him for causing a crash, the FIA may give him a penalty or two, but Verstappen is a joy to watch.



Carlos Sainz

He may not be in the spotlight as much as is younger team mate, but Sainz Jnr only just missed out on being our TOP DOG for Monaco. A performance that has earned him a new record – from starting in the pit lane to finishing 10th is no mean feat, doing it at Monaco is incredible and he’s not in the fastest car either. Good work!


badgerometer-311Sebastian Vettel’s banter

The podium interviews are a bit hit and miss. For Monaco though, there was a sigh of relief when it was revealed that Martin Brundle would be in charge of the banter and my oh my did he do a good job of managing a tricky top 3. Sebastian Vettel made it even better and was hilarious, nice one Seb!

badgerometer-21McLaren scored some points, no really!

Barely a fortnight after announcing he didn’t expect to score points all season, Jenson Button finally got the McLaren Honda partnership onto the scoreboard with a whopping FOUR POINTS.

Team mate Alonso was not so lucky however, earning a 5 second penalty for a clash with Hulkenberg before retiring with a gearbox failure. Alonso will be saying he doesn’t expect any podiums this season in the next few days.



Looking at the results, one could easily conclude Rosberg won the race ahead of Vettel and Hamilton, but the dry numbers don’t tell the full story, and the whole truth is exactly what adds to the intrigue of Formula 1. The politics, the X and X, AND the unfairness of it all, it’s all a part of Formula 1. As the great Murray Walker used to say, F1 is IF backwards. Spot on.

lewis and nico


badgerometer-noteMonaco Bash!

A huge thank you to everyone who came to our Monaco GP LIVE in London event, even a dull race was made that whole load more fun when watching on the big screen with a hundred or so fans in a room together. See more about that and the photos here: Badger Brings Monaco to London.

Credit to Stephanie Isherwood for the cover photo of Lewis Hamilton making his escape from Monaco!