We’re fast approaching the final Grand Prix before the summer break, and thanks to BadgerGP fan, Georgina O’Hara Smith, here’s a rather fantastic version of the Lord’s Prayer, modified for the F1 drivers – enjoy!

Dear Lord,
Bless my car,
Let me have a perfect start,
Let not my rivals ruin my race,
Nor mechanical fault impede my pace,
Protect me from a fatal puncture,
In opening laps or crucial junctures,
Grant me all the things I need,
My loyal team, my Banzai speed,
May each apex be hit just right,
In Copse by day, the Sling by night,
Give me the skills to start from pole,
And the strength I need in my body and soul,
In heart and mind keep firm my faith,
But most of all,
Let all drivers come home safe.

British Grand Prix 2011

Image by RachelC