In case Jake Humphrey didn’t mention it enough – let us remind you that it was the first ever Indian Grand Prix, so it’s only right that this week’s Badgerometer lists our favourite things from the race.  

Feel free to disagree with us – use the comments below to have your say.


Track Invasion - A dog takes to the track (managing to avoid the kerbs) - credit:

Dogs.   Here at Badger we like dogs and, on that note, did you happen to see who we picked as our Top Dog for India? Blatant cross-promotion aside, we’re pleased to confirm that the Indian canine who interrupted some of Friday’s practice session is reported to be fine. We also have unconfirmed reports he is rather happy with his walk onto the Buddh International circuit; after all, he got closer to being on track than Karun Chandhok.


Jaime Alguersuari bringing home more points for Toro Rosso in India - credit:

Toro Rosso.  They’re often one of the forgotten teams and have traditionally been at the back of the midfield (apart from a certain race in Monza ’08).  Over the last season they’ve really come good – a consistently quick car and a relatively settled driver line up.  Yes, neither of them have set the track alight, but they’ve both regularly had strong points finishes and taken on the Saubers, Renaults and Force Indias of this world.  It’s just great to see a proper, tight midfield in F1.

They get a mention now because they’ve drawn level with Sauber in the constructors championship on 41 points, just 10 points behind Force India, so it’s anyone’s guess who will finish the season in 6th.  It’s only Renault’s promising start to the season that’s nearly (but not yet mathematically) secured them 5th spot.


The stewards wake up whenever Hamilton and Massa get to within 20m of each other - credit:

Hamilton and Massa. On the one hand, a korma. On the other, the inaugural Indian Grand Prix. Which has more spice? We’ll give you a clue: it begins with a ‘K’.

The exception to prove the rule was the hot chilli provided by Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa. Yes, the incident was covered in our post-race Scrutineering Bay debate but, along with many other fans and Rowan Atkinson (see below), when we saw Hamilton close up to Massa after the Ferrari driver ran wide there was a thought of ‘oh no, not again’.

However, as with all addictions, there was only one way it was going to go – Hamilton and Massa having a hefty knock. That said, this time it was Felipe who took the penalty, leaving Lewis to struggle on.


Narain helps pay for Vettel's car, as well as quenching his pre-race thirst - credit:

Narain Karthikeyan. Let’s not forget Narain’s India’s first ever Grand Prix driver, which isn’t an inconsiderable achievement. Yes, he’s a part-time F1 driver, but he gets a mention here for doing  pretty damn well at the weekend. He wasn’t ever on for a podium (shock horror!), but he did beat his team mate Daniel Ricciardo (who, lest we forget, is hotly tipped for a Red Bull seat in the future) and came ever so close to beating him in qualifying too.  Narain has had a tough time being, as he is, a driver who’s seen to be in F1 because of his backing rather than his talent.  While this may be fair (or not – feel free to disagree below), what we do know is that he got to drive in his home race, did pretty well and came across as a very nice chap when the BBC interviewed him.  Good work.

Random Narain Fact: – When racing in the NASCAR Truck Series he won an award for ‘Most Popular Driver’ – there, we told you he’s nice.


Rowan Atkinson before the race, checking Lewis' McLaren was ready to race - credit:

Rowan Atkinson – yes, you’ve read that correctly, a non-F1 person and one of ‘those celebrities’ who gets to be closer to the action than any fan has managed to climb to the top of the Badgerometer.

How so? Well, for one, it’s Rowan ‘Mr Bean’ Atkinson rather than someone like Geri “that car’s shiny” Halliwell. During his interview-come-chats with the BBC and Martin Brundle Atkinson was hilarious and obviously has an avid interest in F1 and McLaren (he’s crashed nearly as many as Hamilton after all).

However, we all know what he’s really at the top of the Badgerometer for – his couldn’t-have-been-staged reaction to Lewis Hamilton coming together with Felipe Massa. It was classic stuff and far more entertaining than seeing Nicole looking perplexed.  Well done that man, you’re top of the Badgerometer.