As much as we appreciate the candour and humour of many of the team principals in the paddock this season (shout out to Renault’s Eric Boullier), there really is no match for the loose-lipped, flamboyant, orange-tinted, yacht-frequenting and downright random … Flavio Briatore.

One of his particularly memorable outbursts from yesteryear was when he likened Jenson Button to a concrete post, but this week he just couldn’t resist sharing his “opinions” on the Red Bull Malaysia saga during an interview for Italian radio.  POP’s favourite quotes from the interview:

If there was a manager [at Red Bull] with balls, he would have had them switch positions again

The fact that Christian didn’t go on the podium after scoring a one-two says a lot about his weakness compared to the others

I think there’s no relationship anymore [between Vettel and Webber]

We’ve missed you too Flavio.

renault 7
Glory days – Flav back ’04 – credit: Lotus F1 / LAT