The summer break is a loooooong five weeks this year, but the first couple of weeks have been ok, what with the planet’s biggest sports day taking place providing more than enough live sport to enjoy.  Now though, we’re into the final drag of another two weeks or so until the the Ardennes come alive with the roar of F1 engines for the Belgian GP.

Fear not, because with help and contributions from our latest guest writer, Korrie Stanley (aka @KorrieStanleyF1 on Twitter) here’s a handy few ways to help you conquer the lack of grands prix until September.

Watch some motorsport films

Yes you’ve probably all Senna at least 3 times already (if not, watch it again, it gets better every time), but there are plenty of other good motorsport-orientated films.  Now, by good we don’t always mean good in the classic sense of the word, Days of Thunder for example is a good film, but best suited to when you’ve chosen to spend a day not doing a lot and want some light and fun.  On the other hand TT3D – Closer to the Edge is a good good film, it’s right up there with Senna as the greatest motorsport film of 2011, some say it’s better.  All we say is watch it.  It’s a bargainous fiver in Sainsbury’s at the moment (other massive supermarkets are available)

Then there’s Herbie, Grand Prix (from 1960s), Le Mans (the Steve McQueen film), Talladega Nights and countless more – just stay away from Driven, it’s not even good in the ironic sense.

Try other sports

We know it’s almost blasphemy but we promise you won’t go to F1 hell. The BTCC returned on the 12th August at Snetterton, and with close wheel to wheel racing, and none of that turbulent air malarkey, you’re more than likely to get that motorsport fix.

Beyond motorsport, we’ve had the Olympics, and just before Spa we’ve got the Paralympics starting too – some say it’s even more impressive and enjoyable and these Channel 4 adverts caught our attention… 

Back to motorsport though, here’s why we think you should watch… BTCC, NASCAR, IndyCar, Le Mans or Renault World Series – the latter of which is on at Silverstone, a week before the Belgian GP.

Play F1 on your console or PC

With a giant break why not sharpen up your online racing skills and challenge the world from the comfort of your seat. Let’s face it if you’d only had the opportunity you would be in F1 right now so it’s time to show the world what you’re made of, while also releasing the stresses of life with that extra bit of ramming.  You could even go retro and dig out classics such as Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix series or the legendary ‘Super Monaco Grand Prix’ Sega series…

Don’t rush out and buy anything new though – best to wait until September when the new F1 Race Stars is released – we CANNOT WAIT for this – looks to be massive amounts of fun…

Stalk your favourite driver

Just because they’re on a break doesn’t mean you have to go on one. With the advent of F1 drivers on twitter, you can now find out where they are at a click of a button. Why not show them how much you truly care by surprising them at all the places they thought they were alone and secluded, better yet take the opportunity to hug them gently, crying over how much you’ve missed them, while demanding to know why they never retweet you.  Well, no don’t do this because it’s annoying and not cool at all, especially not as cool as Jonny Bravo.

Read a book

What better way pass any sort of time than with a good book? There’s plenty on offer for your F1 needs, including the ones pictured below. There’s plenty of choice, whether it be biographies of the sport’s favourite characters (and Bernie Ecclestone), or a good examination of rivalries throughout the decades. We can thoroughly recommend Senna vs Prost, a detailed look into both great driver’s careers and includes something the Senna documentary missed – an interview with Alain Prost himself.

F1 in real life

Missing F1? Why not walk everywhere at rapid speeds with the whole world as your race track. Weave your way through the busy crowds of your local city centre while trying to avoid contact, slipstream individuals for that extra speed boost down the straights. Practice your racing lines when going around corners, and head to the local shoe shop for that quality pit stop.

If you’re out on the roads then how about looking at how you take an apex – Badger does not encourage anything besides resposible driving mind – for race-like driving, head to an actual race track please.

Read Badger GP and other great independent sites

This one pretty much goes without saying; in fact you’re already doing it right now, so go you. With the latest news, opinion pieces, and fun facts, this should be your first port of call should you begin to find it all just a little bit unbearable.  Of course, we’re well aware that we share this Internet lark with a few other websites, so we suggest you pay Motorsport MusingsWTF1 and Sidepodcast a visit too.  Back to Badger though, if you want to know what goes on from a team point of view during this summer break, read this.

Go Karting

Go with a bunch of mates Karting, you’ll never drive a Formula 1 car but this is the next best thing….probably. Pretend to be F1 drivers fighting for a championship, beat your mates, stand on the top step and show them who’s top dog by spraying them with cheap champagne. For extra fun and realism assign someone the Maldonado role making it his job to take someone out and ruin their race, while copiously avoiding responsibility after the podium ceremony.

Watch old F1 races

The Internet’s a powerful resource with a lot of F1 content on it, Which includes not only footage of older races, but great documentaries and videos produced by F1 teams. While a lot of it gets taken down eventually by FOM there’s always something that escapes the net, especially if you know where to look. Why not take the chance to brush up on your motorsport knowledge or history and become the F1 snob you’ve always dreamed of being.

If you’re with Sky, their dedicated F1 channel is on 24/7 which is handy – time it right and you could be watching the entire 2003 season, time it badly and you’ll get a re-run of Valencia 2011.

If you’re really stuck… and we mean really then you could always treat yourself to the VHS of Murray’s Magic Moments.  Ahem.