• Best Finish: 1st (Lewis Hamilton: China and Germany. Jenson Button: Canada and Hungary)
  • Points Scored: 280
  • Championship position: 2nd

McLaren are over 100 points behind Red Bull in the championship and don’t have a single pole position to their name this season. It doesn’t sound great, does it?

However, all those stats prove is that the Red Bull team have been far and away the best on the grid and, when added to the fact that McLaren have four victories (two to each driver) and have been Red Bull’s most consistent challengers, it starts not to seem to bad.

Most importantly, the team look like they’re going in the right direction. After the shock of the rule changes at Silverstone, everything reverted back to normal in Germany culminating in a Hamilton victory. We still don’t think it’ll be enough to overhaul Red Bull but it might make the last 8 races more exciting.

Status: Top Dogs


hamiltonLewis Hamilton. The great imponderable. Generally regarded as the fastest man on the grid on his day, he also suffers from what we at Badger like to call brain fade. Outstanding one moment, ridiculous the next. That said, he’s out qualified Button 8 to 3 and outraced him 7 to 4, so it’s clear who’s had a better start to the season.

There have been a number of high profile calls to the stewards’ office, often resulting in penalties. Always a driver racing close to, if not on, the edge, his performances have veered from exceptional to mental and all the way back again. We at Badger don’t mind so much; one thing he’s not is dull. You know how we hate dull things.

One thing he (and McLaren and Jenson Button, now we come to mention it) is to be praised for is managing to keep relations in the team cordial, if not positively good. Of course, it’s difficult to see exactly what’s going on, but it seems like he and Jenson Button have a genuine rapport. Quite odd, really.

Also, just so you know, his name is an anagram of “Loathe Slim Win”


Jenson Button, meanwhile, has been ticking along nicely. He will never be as fast as Lewis Hamilton but, it turns out, given a wet to drying track he’s not only the fastest man in his team but on the entire grid.

He’s won two races (Canada and Hungary), retired twice (GB and Germany), gained six places in one race (Canada), lost places in three races (Australia, China and Monaco) and stayed in exactly the same twice (Turkey and Europe). We’re not quite sure what all this tell you (or us, for that matter), but we just thought you should know.

We really like Jenson in the Sett. Yes, he needs an almost perfectly set up car to do anything good in it and yes, he’s far too good looking but in a number of ways he’s the perfect fit for McLaren as a driver and Lewis Hamilton as a team mate. Either would be mad to want to see the back of him, although there must be a sneaky part of Jenson’s brain that would like it if Lewis went off to pastures new.

His hope for the season must be to notch up a few more race wins and make sure the car is ready for next year. McLaren simply can’t go on having the best car halfway through a season and, with all his experience, Jenson should step up and be counted.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, his name is an anagram of “sunbonnet jot”. Perhaps that’s what he gets up to on Guernsey…

Badger’s Best: Hamilton