Red Bull Racing

  • Best Finish: 1st (Sebastian Vettel, Australia, Malaysia, Turkey, Spain, Monaco, Europe)
  • Points scored: 383
  • Championship Position: 1st


What can be said about the reigning champions that hasn’t already been said before; Adrian Newey has produced another masterpiece in the well defined shape of the RB7 and Sebastian Vettel is showing the world that winning the 2010 title wasn’t a complete fluke. The domination from the moment the cars hit the tarmac in anger is clear for everyone to see, with every single pole position being taken by the Milton Keynes based squad. They are the pacesetters and the ones to beat at every event – that kind of position comes with the territory with being champions, and Red Bull have sat with it very well indeed.

Status: Top Dog

vettelJust like the his older German counterpart further down the grid, Sebastian Vettel got his first world title and hasn’t really looked back. As much as many fans protest, he has been an exciting man to watch at the front. It looked like he was unstoppable up until recently – as a matter of fact, if China and Canada had been a lap shorter he would’ve sealed those victories too. Monaco was the only fortunate win, getting the wrong tyres being an actual masterstroke that put him out front when the red flag hit; all the rest were pure classic displays on how to win a Grand Prix with ease. Still question marks about his driving when in the pack, but when you’re so good on a Saturday, why worry?


It’s a different kettle of fish for Mark Webber. Since Abu Dhabi last year, the Aussie has been missing that fire that propelled him to within the grasp of last year’s championship. China aside, where he raced through from 18th to 3rd, there’s just been something…missing. As Pirelli developed their tyres, making them more durable, the speed has slowly been coming back – pole positions in Britain and Germany shows he hasn’t lost it completely. But, when there’s a technical problem on a Red Bull, isn’t it always Webbers car? Just saying.

Badger’s Best: Sebastian Vettel