Virgin Racing

  • Best Result: 14th (Jerome D’Ambrosio, Australia, Turkey)
  • Points scored: 0
  • Championship position: 12th (that’s last)


Virgin’s difficult second album began in earnest, with plenty of hard graft, but the Sheffield based team can’t quite get all the pieces working together. While Team Lotus, with big financial backing, and HRT, with a little bit of luck and perseverance, are further up the grid, it’s all through traditional means like wind tunnels. Virgin stuck by their CFD guns, and it was showing. With disappointing results, and the gap to Green Lotus ever widening, Wirth Research was shown the door and a technical tie-up with McLaren announced. Pat Symonds was hired as a technical consultant too, but he can’t touch anything until the “Crashgate” ban expires next season. Plans are in place to improve, but try as they might, it’s all about 2012 for the team.

All in all, a trying season so far for Virgin – fast enough to challenge Team Lotus on a single lap, but still level with HRT in terms of race pace. Verdict – must try harder.

Status: Sleeping Dog

It’s tough at the back for both Timo Glock and Jerome D’Ambrosio. One is a veteran of 60-odd Grand Prix, while the other is a green-as-you-like rookie, but it’s hard to tell the difference. While Glock can mix it with the Lotuses from time to time but can’t catch a break, it’s Jerome who is slower but brings the car home on a more regular basis. Glock even missed two round thanks to car problems in Melbourne and Istanbul, while his Belgian team-mate missed the 107% cut in Canada but was allowed to compete.


It’s a hard choice, but the experienced German nicks it because you know, when the chips are down, the Glock-Dog would be the man to pull off a miracle. And even though the ink’s drying on a new contract, you wonder how long he’s going to want to keep trying.

Badger’s Best: Timo Glock