• Best Finish: 9th (Barrichello, Monaco and Canada)
  • Points Scored: 4 (FOUR)
  • Championship position: 9th

We said in the Mercedes review that it wasn’t the season they would have hoped for. If that was true for them, then it’s definitely true for Williams. If two words were to sum up their season it would probably be “oh dear”.

Last season the team got 69 points. This season they have four. It’s no wonder heads have rolled behind the scenes. However, should the drivers also take some responsibility? Look down, dear reader, and see what we think.

Status: Sleeping Dogs


barrichelloBarrichello used to drive for teams competing at the top end of the sport. We’re thinking Ferrari and Brawn. Now he drives for Williams. If you’d said those words 15 years ago, you’d have been laughed out of the room. Of course Williams are a top team, people would have said.  Well, not now and not for a while.

His average qualifying position is just a smidge over 14.5, which doesn’t compare favourably to Maldonado’s 13ish and he’s 6-5 behind in the head-to-head battle. And we at Badger don’t think that highly of the petro-fuelled Venezuelan, so it doesn’t bode well for the Brazilian.

Then, however, we turn to the races and that’s where Barrichello really earns his keep. In the process of thrashing Maldonado 9-2 in the head to head battle he’s got an average finishing position of 12.5 and two top ten finishes. There’s life in the old dog yet.

These are Barrichello’s last days in F1; does he really want to be slogging around at the back? Does he really?  Does a graceful retirement beckon at the end of the season?

Also, in the BEST ANAGRAM SO FAR, he comes out as “races rubber on hill.” There is a god.


Maldonado. Where to start? His star is still being polished by Jimmy von Weeks, but the rest of us don’t think he’s much cop. He’s only gained places from qualifying to the race in one race this season. Yep, that’s right, ONE race. If this had been written before the Hungarian GP, then it would have been none. No races. Nada. Zip. That’s not the mark of someone who’s in F1 for the long haul.

His average finishing position is 16.25. Not great, is it? Truthfully, we wouldn’t really want to tell him that (he’s a scary looking bloke, isn’t he?), but if goodness, light, justice and honour prevail then Nico Hulkenberg should be in for a quick return to the F1 fold. Pastor really can’t cut it.

Unfortunately, Pastor can’t match his team mate in the anagram stakes either, given he comes out as “a Dodo’s patrolman”. Does he spend his spare time providing security for extinct animals? We certainly wouldn’t mess with him (or his dodos).

Badger’s Best: Barrichello