It’s here, they actually managed to finish the track on time and pass an FIA inspection – well, Charlie Whiting classed it as ‘satisfactory’ – whatever that means, we should be in for a more than satisfactory race this weekend.  As the number of races dwindles, Mark Webber is hanging onto his disappearing lead, Vettel’s aiming to be number 1 driver again and Alonso is apparently ‘begging’ Massa to help him (no, we can’t imagine Fernando begging either).   It’s also an important weekend for the McLaren duo – for instance if Button fails to finish and Webber wins in Korea, it’s game over for the 2009 champion.

There’s also the excitement of this being a completely new playground – yes the drivers are expecting a slippery, oily surface – it was only laid a week ago after all, but regardless it’s good to go an try new places, well just as long as we don’t lose the good original ones… or at least not anymore of them.

With the race being over in Korea, it’s another weekend of early hours for UK television viewers – remember, come Saturday – lay off the beer because it’s Korea…

Main Events:

(on BBC1, web, Radio 5 Live and the red button)

  • Saturday – Qualifying: 6am (coverage to begin at 5am on telly)
  • Sunday – Grand Prix: 7am (coverage to begin at 6am on telly)

For the fantics:

(on web, radio 5 live and red button)

  • Friday – Practice One – 2am – 3.30am
  • Friday – Practice Two – 6am – 7.30am
  • Saturday – Practice Three – 3am – 4am

Oh and while we’re at, here’s another ‘prixview’ of this weekend’s race courtesy of Ferrari’s technical partners, Shell – showing preparation for the all-new track