Bernie Ecclestone has some utterly bonkers ‘ideas’ in recent years – there has been the sprinklers on race tracks, no British GP and the idea of awarding drivers with medals in a Olympic style rather than points.  Mind games or not, such stories put F1 in the headlines and now, just a week a before the 2012 British GP, he’s come out saying he wants to pay for the ‘London Grand Prix’.

We’re pretty sure the idea has been rubbished a few times by the little, but powerful gent – back in the days when Ken Livingstone was Mayor of the capital the idea was proposed, but quickly shot down.

Now, according to a report in the Guardian, Bernie is looking to pay £35m to stage the GP – yes, he is looking to pay for it – not a common thing you hear.

He believes the revenue generated would mean it would easily pay for itself and of course generate massive amounts of money for London and England too.

The idea is being officially launched tonight and there are already some interesting computer generated images of the proposals in the Metro and Times newspapers with more coming later via Santander, who will no doubt be marked down as the sponsors.

We’d like to hear what you think of the London Grand Prix idea – and if it does indeed look to be happening, what track design would you suggest?

Being London-based, here at the Sett we’re of course rather keen on the idea – so much so that back in the early days of Badger, our in house illustrator created the London Grand Prix F1 circuit map.  Have a look below and let us know what you think.  Regardless of this being a typical Bernie Ecclestone pre-British Grand Prix PR stunt or not, the idea of a London Grand Prix is great and we’d love it to happen one day.


London Grand Prix Map Concept – credit: © Richard Mosley Future Design

See more of Richard’s work here: – please seek permission first if you wish to use his images.