The Sky Pad: sounds flash, doesn’t it? Like where George Jetson would live if he ditched that tiresome wife of his and embraced the bachelor lifestyle. A funky dwelling-pod on stilts set amongst the clouds – or at least that’s what it sounds like to us.

Except it’s not. The Sky Pad, as it turns out, is just where the new F1 broadcaster houses pundits deemed too short to mingle with the real humans. It’s a safe haven from the dangers that trouble Anthony Davidson and Georgie Thompson on a daily basis; these include being stood on in the pitlane, carried away on a light gust of wind or having a gnat try to mate with them.

Not that being small makes them – or anyone for that matter – worse at their job. I must admit I’ve been enjoying Davidson’s drivers’ eye perspective of on-track events during the opening two races. He is, at this very early stage at least, a far more on-it pundit than bearded shop mannequin Damon Hill, who despite having great skin for a man in his fifties is yet to say anything of much interest.

Davidson and Thompson take shelter under a cocktail umbrella. Photo: Sky Sports F1

I’ve got a theory on why. While Damon quit driving when he hung up his F1 helmet 13 years ago Davidson is still an active sports-prototype racer – one of the fastest in the business in fact. He’s far more race tuned than Hill, who had spent the last few years doing stirling – but slightly boring – work for the BRDC. As such while Ant still has a racey attitude Damo is a bit boardroom. Whatever the reason, it has to be hoped that Ant takes Damo’s place at the 10 races the 96 world champ won’t attend, if only because Simon Lazenby will struggle for words even more if left entirely alone.

Having spent the last decade sat at a desk with a yellow bar scrolling across her midriff displaying League 2 football results* Georgie had successfully hidden the fact that she is the smallest woman in sports broadcasting by at least a foot. I had literally no idea. If only Napoleon could have sat at a desk with a yellow bar scrolling across his midriff.

It’s hard to know what to make of Gerogie just yet. Personally I think she’s a competent presenter who will, if anything, grow into the role (no pun intended). However some viewers I’ve spoken to seem to think she’s making a right mess of things. If you’re in the camp please, explain how and why in the comments below – I need enlightening.

Because my present assessment is that both Lilliputians are good fits in the Sky Pad. They’d just best avoid going near Ted  Kravitz lest he mistake them for Jelly Babies and gobble them up like the hungry, hungry man he is.

And so to China, the BBC’s maiden live race of 2012 and their first chance to wow me. So come on Beeb, whaddaya got?

* Cheers to Craig Normansell for this observation, which I’ve stolen.