The Badger is pleased to announce that we have a new addition to the site, it’s called “The Sett” and it’s a very special new feature…

It’s a specialist ‘social network’ just for F1 fans to hang out, make friends, share info, create groups and have discussions about anything and everything F1.

The what?

We’re calling it “the Sett” because that’s where badgers hang out and well, you get the idea… If you’ve used Facebook or MySpace, you’ll be on the ball already – if not, don’t worry it’s all very simple – all you have to do is register here with your details and then upload a photo of yourself (or an avatar) – once you’re all signed up you can make friends with others, join groups to discuss topics and share links with friends etc.  It’s seamlessly integrated into F1 Badger itself meaning any comments you leave on articles will be posted back to your profile – others can then reply and well, in one easy glance you can see all that’s happening with F1 Badger on a single page.  Clever stuff eh!?

Sign me up!

As with everything Badger, it’s free, just go here and register, once you’re done why not share your views with others on who’s going to be going like the clappers and who’s going to going like Piquet Jr come Bahrain.  You can use the Bahrain Grand Prix group for that.  You can also create your own group and take a look around the other current discussions going on.


Interaction, communication, sharing – three great things that have come about from having the web and social networking.  With The Sett, we hope to create a small, but perfectly formed online community of F1 fans to keep in touch and debate the crazy world of Formula One.  As time goes on, we’ll build upon this and add loads of new features to make it even more fun and rewarding.

For now, you’ll notice a smart dark grey toolbar across the top of the screen, you can use this to navigate around and use the whole of F1 Badger as well as the new social elements.  The shiny red bar below does even more…

Having a problem?

We hope you’re not, but as with all things to do with technology – there may be a few technical difficulties, so if you are having a problem, but can login then leave a message on the Badger Back Chat forum or if you can’t login, get in touch here and include any errors and what system (Mac/Windows, FireFox/IE/Safari etc)