“The shorty what?” is a fair question if you’re not a particularly heavy Twitter person, but bear with us.  Firstly, if you’re not using Twitter already, you really should be – it’s a great way to follow the goings on in Formula 1 from the teams, media and well, BadgerGP too.  The good folk on Twitter will also engage with you to and you could be chatting with Martin Brundle or Mike Gascoyne amongst others.

Get yourself signed up at Twitter.com and then see who we follow to find some good accounts to follow and then look at our F1 Fans list for other like-minded folk to follow too.

Ok, so the “Shorty Awards” is essentially the Baftas of the Twitter world, which means that they award those people, organisations and companies who use Twitter really well, engage with their customers/fans and basically add value to themselves using the social media tool.

There’s a plethora of categories, one of which is Sports Teams which has caught our attention because there are many F1 teams on there.  This is impressive in itself because the category includes all forms of sports teams, not just F1 teams, yet right now the 3 of the top four places are dominated by F1.

At the time of writing, Mercedes AMG F1 (@MercedesAMGF1) are in 1st place, with Lotus Renault (@OfficialLRGP) a close 2nd.  McLaren are in 4th with their @TheFifthDriver account slowly rising through the ranks.  Other teams on the list so far include Ferrari, Williams, Force India, Caterham, Marussia and of course Red Bull Racing.

If you want to help you favourite team, you can do so here at the Short Awards website, just enter the team you want to support and make sure ‘sportsteams’ is the category.  You need to enter a reason after ‘because…’ to make the vote count too.

You can also vote for our own Twitter presence, @BadgerGP in the ‘F1’ category – you can do that here and we’d really appreciate it!

The current table for Sports Teams Shorty Award (midday Sunday January 8th) looks like:

  1. 142 votes – Mercedes AMG F1 on Twitter: @MercedesAMGF1
  2. 106 votes – Lotus Renault on Twitter: @OfficialLRGP
  3. 53 votes – McLaren on Twitter: @TheFifthDriver
  4. 28 votes – Force India on Twitter: @ClubForce
  5. 27 votes – Caterham on Twitter: @MyCaterhamF1
  6. 26 votes – Red Bull Racing on Twitter: @RedBullRacing
  7. 11 votes – Ferrari on Twitter: @InsideFerrari
  8. 7 votes – Marussia on Twitter: @Marussia_F1Team
  9. 7 votes – Williams on Twitter: @WilliamsF1Team
  10. 1 vote – Sauber on Twitter: @OfficialSF1Team

There are other non-F1 teams on the Sports Teams category too, but let’s not concern ourselves with them.  Interestingly both Toro Rosso (@ToroRossoSpy) and Hispania (@HRTF1Team) are yet to be even nominated, feel free to open their account!

Now, please don’t forget to vote for @BadgerGP in the F1 category too!

Nominate BadgerGP.com for a social media award in the Shorty Awards!Nominate BadgerGP.com for a social media award in the Shorty Awards F1 category