BBC out does Sky’s wardrobe

Since they won the rights to show F1, we’ve admired (hmmm) the ‘uniform’ that the Sky presenters enjoy.  Yes they all look smart, but yawn, there’s no Eddie Jordan influence and it’s one of the factors lacking in their coverage – fun.

Over on the BBC a few hours later, we had Suzi Perry and David Coulthard presenting the highlights from Bahrain in matching outfits – going one further than Sky and actually matching trousers too.  Wow.



Button’s Banter with Martin Whitmarsh

We have a strange relationship with the Sky F1 coverage, some of it is cringe-worthy, other parts pure genius.  Following the Bahrain GP, Lazenby and his motley crew managed to grab Martin Whitmarsh to talk about his drivers and their wheel-to-wheel battling.  He said he’d only spoken to Perez about the incidents.

But then, perfectly timed, Jenson Button comes in saying he was watching the chat on the telly and decided to join in.   So we ended up having a race debrief between Jenson and Martin live on telly – excellent stuff.  Jenson was his usual funny, clever self and it made for a great bit of post race analysis. Soooo much better than the official press conference stuff and it proves that Jenson isn’t as bad in front of a camera as he was in that awful Santander advert.


Lotus F1 Team’s Twitter

The @LotusF1Team Twitter account is brilliant, they’ve really latched onto what fans (or at least this fan) want from a team’s Twitter account – fun!  Yes they deliver information and photos that we may not otherwise see, but their ongoing commentary on the action and proceedings is always bang on and hilarious.

For each Grand Prix they create a hashtag and for Bahrain it was a nod to Pirelli #LongerLastingRubber, with plenty of sexual innuendo too.  First we thought it was a marketing cock-up, but no, they full intended it and carried the naughtiness on all weekend with such classics that are shown here.



So many great drives

It was ridiculously tricky to choose a TOP DOG for Bahrain, seriously – there were 11 nominations amongst the staff here at Badger GP, which is 50% of the field – that’s just how good the racing was on Sunday.  And I never thought we’d be saying that about Bahrain.  Amazing.

Yes, Vettel scampered off into the distance and Alonso’s technical issues probably made it much easier for him, but it didn’t matter with all the battles up and down the field and even some Touring Car style, 3 cars-a-breast action.  Wow.

The close racing continued for most of the race - photo: Mercedes F1 Media
The close racing continued for most of the race – photo: Mercedes F1 Media


Sebastian Vettel

The reigning World Champion had a simply masterful performance in Bahrain, bogged down third after the lights went out, but quickly out-smarting Fernando Alonso for 2nd and then making mincemeat of Nico Rosberg to take the lead and then run away with it, even managing to make his pit stops without relenting the lead of the race.  Impressive, to say the least.

We’ve had issues with Vettel since the Multi 21 debacle, but he did his business on the track and makes it to the top of the Badgerometer this time around, well done sir.

All he needs to do now is work on his podium chatter – the way he talked about the lady from Red Bull representing the team to pick up the constructors’ trophy was just patronising.  Having foot-in-mouth Coulthard leading the interview didn’t help, but it was massively cringe-worthy.  Sort it out Seb, or you’ll never see the dizzy heights of being No.1 on the Badgerometer again.