The final race of the season did lead to some interesting stories, and the Badgerometer is switched on to bring you the Top 5 from the Brazilian Grand Prix!


Senna by name, but not by nature

If it was Ayrton, he'd hit Michael AND won the race - Sutton Images

Expectations were high for the Brazilians this weekend. Three of them were competing, and it was realistically possible for all of them to score points. Most eyes were on Bruno Senna, with the youngster racing for his future at Renault/Lotus, and putting it 9th was a reasonable achievement considering the team’s recent struggles.

It all came crashing (literally) to a halt thanks to a little bit of push-and-shove with Michael Schumacher. The penalty for the Brazilian was harsher still. Not what he needed, and a possible couple of points turned into a bad day at the office.

The great Senna name graced Interlagos again – it’s just a shame it had the forename Bruno in front of it.


Keep on smiling Rubens!

Will someone please give this man a drive in 2012 please - Sutton Images

You have to hand it to Rubens Barrichello. Staring into the abyss of unemployment, he was all smiles and handshakes throughout the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend, not once making out that this was his 326th and final weekend of racing. He’s so sure of being on the grid in 2012 that there were no doughnuts to the crowd, no long slow down lap, just the constant reassurance that he will be back.

And we hope he is, because F1 losing Rubens would be having to throw out a comfy old piece of furniture. If it still does the job why get rid of it?


Massa vs. Hamilton – the end?

All together now...awwww - Sutton Images

What is it with Lewis at the moment? Just two weeks after burying the hatchet with Fernando Alonso (and not in the Spaniard’s back, surprisingly) he then decided to head towards Felipe Massa after the race on Sunday. Were we going to get another minor fisticuffs, a la Singapore? Martin Whitmarsh went very pale indeed, allegedly.

But, much to many people’s surprise, the Brit just wanted to make up with Felipe and show there was no hard feeling after the season they’ve both had. Yes, there have been a few scrapes between the two, but at least they’re friends again. Until March, at least.


Vettel, Webber, and the so called faulty gearbox

It took a car "failure" for Mark to beat Seb. Or did it? - Sutton Images

OK, so you’re being completely white-washed by your younger, faster team-mate in the best car on the grid, but you’ve been a good number 2 to the team and deserve a victory. What if the team could give you that victory, without you getting wind?

That’s kind of what we feel about the whole “Sebastian, you have a serious gearbox issue” message from Rocky. Seb had to slow, short-shifting through 2nd and 3rd gears, and this allowed Mark Webber through. Seb then went and set the fastest lap of the race a little bit later on (though Webber eventually eclipsed him). Suspicious much?

And if the gearbox was that bad, the team would’ve brought him in, rather than risk a big failure. Remember Lewis in Abu Dhabi, 2009? McLaren brought him in and retired him just in case his brakes failed. Why didn’t Red Bull?

Interesting, isn’t it?


Badger’s Brazilian Bash – what else?

We love F1 regardless, but we love it even more when it’s on a massive HD screen in a swanky bar and we get to watch it with one hundred other fans. Luckily that’s exactly what we got on Sunday with the BadgerGP LIVE event at London’s Roxy Bar & Screen. A season-ending party with our famous Badger quiz, some seriously cool prizes and a few special guest speakers, the event couldn’t have gone better. Find out more about it here and, if you missed out, make sure you get yourself along to one in 2012.