Romain Grosjean

Image: Octane Photographic
Image: Octane Photographic

In what was an emotional weekend for the Frenchman – leaving a team he’d been involved in since 2009, and driven all of his Grand Prix for – that started with a water leak on Friday and steadily got worse with a gearbox issue leading to a grid penalty. It seemed that the final race in Enstone colours were to be a meander in the lower midfield before taking the chequered flag.

But in a microcosm of Grosjean’s F1 career, just when we thought we knew what would happen – and to be honest, we were sure what would happen – Romain confounds us by pulling off a great strategic drive to rise from 18th on the grid to a finishing position of 9th. Two points that signalled the end of one small era, captured perfectly by the handing over of the keys from one former Lotus driver to the next.

Don’t be mistaken, Romain isn’t retiring from the sport, riding off into the sunset. He’s moving out of his home, off to Haas F1 for 2016, where no one really know what they, he or both will produce together until March next year. With the recent history of new Formula One teams and their distinct lack of success (and survival) then some might write Romain Grosjean off for the foreseeable future. But then again, didn’t we all in 2012?

Whatever happens Romain, you’ll always have this Top Dog award!