Lewis Hamilton

It could just be the exhilaration of watching a race on a Sunday evening but, in our opinion, that was the best dry race (without a safety car) in a long time. Filled with action, overtaking and drama it was a race worthy of F1’s reappearance in the US after five years away.

Something else the race proved was that, while it’s taken a while (and cost a lot of money), F1 finally has a new track worthy of a place on the calendar. For this relief, much thanks.

The race itself was a stormer, with battles throughout the field and a number of contenders for Top Dog. From Alonso’s fantastic start (aided by Massa’s wholly deliberate grid penalty) to Button’s recovery to Hulkenberg’s drive to eighth, good performances were scattered throughout the field.

However, the two standout drives were at the front. Vettel and Hamilton put on a masterclass of controlled pace, aggression and intelligence. It’s quite rare to see two drivers at the front trading times throughout the race, followed by a decisive moment towards the end. Usually these things fade out and become a procession. Not this one.

For once, Vettel didn’t just drive away from the rest of the field when he was at the front. In Hamilton, he was followed by a man seemingly possessed. Relentless, remorseless and, due to the championship situation, completely free to drive as he pleased. More of this please Lewis.

Whichever of them had won would have been named Top Dog – Vettel for withstanding the pressure or Hamilton for making the pressure tell.

Enjoy it Lewis, you earned it.

Photo: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes