Sergio Perez

A football manager once coined the word “bouncebackability”, ie the ability to bounce back, and its apt that in the middle of a World Cup that such a word could be said of driver of the day for Austria.

Sergio Perez, who had finished the Canadian Grand Prix a fortnight ago buried in a tyre barrier, became the very definition of the word after Sunday’s race.

Dividing the F1 community for his collision with Felipe Massa – some say it was a racing incident, other says it was a an illegal movement in a braking zone – he was slapped with a 5 place grid penalty for his involvement, which was upheld on the eve of this weekend.

Yet, not only did the Mexican haul his Force India, from an adjusted 15th on the grid, to a final finishing position of 6th, he also managed to get involved in the Mercedes-Williams party by leading for a few brief laps.

Now Sergio seems to produce these performances in a season despite pairing them with a few races that are largely forgettable. Only occasionally in a season does he shine bright (a trait that probably saw him ousted at McLaren for) but when he does shine, he’s white-hot.

Home territory for Force India next at Silverstone; what would they give for a repeat performance?

Photo: Sahara Force India Media
Photo: Sahara Force India Media