Fernando Alonso

It is hard  to imagine what must have gone through the Spaniard’s head after the race on Sunday. Despite yet another stunning drive, the fan and pundit favorite is currently a whopping 46 points behind run-away championship leader – and blonde-bombshell – Sebastian Vettel.

This weekend at Spa was another way to illustrate the case in point. After the lottery-esque nature of qualifying, Fernando started a disappointing 9th; a worrying midfield spot going into La Source with 21 other cars.

Still, a good get away and a clean nose later, Alonso was up to 5th. Not being content with that, he soon devoured Button and Rosberg to take 3rd, and was up to 2nd by lap 13.

For all intents and purposes the man from Asturias looked like the only individual racing in the same Formula as Vettel on Sunday, let alone the same race. And this in a car that is very obviously not up to scratch with the Red Bull. He managed to bring the car home 2nd, a strong result, despite losing further ground in the title challenge.

For that Fernando earns the honor of Top Dog for this week – if he and Ferrari can get the car further up the grid on a Saturday, they may be able to make this title run in a little more interesting.

Photo: The Cahier Archive
Photo: The Cahier Archive