Sebastian Vettel

Usually we try to award Badger’s Top Dog prize to the driver who’s done the best job over the weekend, rather than going by who won the race.

We’re keeping true to the letter of that here, but perhaps not the spirit, by choosing the man who won the title.

In what was a completely barmy and brilliant race (and anyone who missed the fantastic Badger Bash really lost out), one man was the focus of everyone’s attention. And did he deliver? Why yes, he did. Quite spectacularly in fact. From his (assisted) spin and accident on the first lap, to his recovery, to his two pits stops in two laps, to his many passing maneuvers he was little short of fantastic.

He was, of course, helped immensely by the fact that he had under him a very fast car but, when it mattered, he delivered. You don’t win a Formula 1 world title without deserving to and, while it may seem to some that Alonso “deserved” a third title more than the young German, it just goes to show the exceptional talent he possesses that he’s been able to win three on the trot. To achieve that level of consistency in one of the most competitive sports on the planet is a testament not only to him but to the Red Bull team.

It’s one of many awards he’s going to receive in the years to come, but enjoy being Brazil’s Top Dog Sebastian. You earned it.

Roll on 2013!

Photo: Red Bull Racing Media