Pastor Maldonado

We haven’t, have we?

Often the punchline to many an F1 joke the past few seasons, it was an characteristic turn of pace and concentration that led the Venezuelan to a solid points scoring finish in Montreal.

In a race marked for it’s lack of real racing excitement – the only bit we did see from Sebastian Vettel and Felipe Massa felt manufactured thanks to DRS – we’ve had to look at driver’s performances under some scrutiny.

Let’s take a look at what we expected to happen. If you’ve got your head screwed on, you’d expect a Mercedes to at least win, and barring any mechanical issues they should finish the race 1-2. Kimi Raikkonen spun his way out of a guaranteed podium place, so all Valterri Bottas had to do was keep it on the black stuff to taste champagne. The aforementioned Seb and Felipe worked their way through the field for points, and we’re not discounting the fact the drove hard, but really they were never going stay where they started, were they?

That’s what makes Pastor’s race so remarkable to us; as in, it was an unremarkable performance overall. No red mist, no mad lunges, no trips outside the track limits. Late in the race when we saw footage of a Lotus tripping over a Manor, the usual thought process kicked in – “Oh no, what’s he done now? And more importantly, how can I make a meme out of it?” – but low-and-behold it was Romain Grosjean with the brain fade and not Pastor. Madness.

So, if you can believe what your reading, we’ve made Pastor Maldonado our Top Dog for the Canadian Grand Prix. Maybe Formula One is broken.

Photo: Lotus F1 Team Media
Photo: Lotus F1 Team Media