“Hot Rod or Hot Dog” is our regular post-grand prix column where we review all of the driver performances in that race.  As part of the process, one driver is declared as Badger’s “Top Dog”; it’s not necessarily the winner and, to be honest, it could be for anything – even driving into the wrong pit box…

It has to be…Hamilton


That was a bit of alright, wasn’t it?

An entertaining race with a number of great drives and, even as this article is being written, we’re still not sure who we’re going for. This is live Badger decision making. Exciting, isn’t it?

Yes, the overtaking had a frisson of artificiality about it, but it’s overtaking and means that (should it continue) the races are always changing. Let’s just hope that there continue to be races where the teams at the top continue to take different strategy decisions.

We think the Top Dog it could be any one of Hamilton (he won, innit?), Webber (a great drive from the back), Massa (beating Alonso should never be underestimated) or Rosberg (a very solid performance, that, in weaker races, would probably have been enough).

Who to go for?

<Time for a pause, a tea break in the Sett and a think>

Right, we think it has to go to Hamilton. To be honest, it was either him or Webber, but Hamilton’s drive was so good and, when added to the fact that he’s the first to beat Vettel this season, he has to take the prestigious Top Dog prize.

From his car being repaired in the garage and then still on the grid, to jumping Vettel at the start and passing any number of people throughout the race (including his team mate – always a tricky one), Hamilton once again showed that he and Kobayashi are the most incisive passers in F1. He also won a race in which he didn’t just have the fastest car and wasn’t able to simply motor round at the front without a care in the world (not looking at anyone in particular, Mr. Vettel…)

The three stop strategy worked so well for him because he was, throughout most of the race, on tyres that allowed him to take the fight to those around him. Now, you can’t run that sort of strategy unless you know your driver is a) quick, b) has the ability to overtake and c) is able to manage his tyres. Thankfully, Hamilton managed all three.

A great performance, a well deserved win and, hopefully, the start of a season-long battle with Vettel’s Red Bull.

One last point – and it’s just a teeny tiny request Lewis – please get rid of that stupid beard. You have a jawline. Use it.

Graphic by Unlap – the superb motorsport-themed threads company