“Hot Rod or Hot Dog” is our regular post-grand prix column where we review all of the driver performances in that race. As part of the process, one driver is declared as Badger’s “Top Dog” – and this week it’s…


Sebastian Vettel.

It just has to be, doesn’t it?  He didn’t really have to fight for his victory today, but that’s because no-one could touch him and he completed the near-2hr race without putting a wheel wrong.

Right from when the lights went out he left the others to battle it out amongst themselves.  Jenson Button was the only man who had a good chance of mounting a challenge; however, when an opportunity arose in the form of the safety car there were three back-markers between the German and the Englishman and that was enough traffic to enable Vettel to build up a massive ten second lead in just two laps.

With only seven laps remaining the gap decreased rapidly between Vettel and Button, but it was clear that Sebastian had it all under control as he navigated his way through the traffic to claim his 10th victory of the season and put himself just a single point away from securing the 2011 World Championship title.

A special mention needs to go to Paul Di Resta who, yet again, in his rookie year has proved just how good he is with a stunning drive to 6th place in his Force India.  He once again outclassed Adrian Sutil and gave his team some valuable points.  A future star of the field.

credit: sutton-images.com