Image courtesy of McLaren Media


Now, we know this is a bit of a leftfield choice, but bear with us.

We think, not only for his drive to fifth (from eleventh place on the grid) but also the fact he looked as though he could have got past Hamilton at the end had he really tried, he deserves to be Driver of the Day (aka our Top Dog)

Also, and this may have had some impact on our decision – he lost his World Championship and was threatened at gun point. While receiving the (albeit prestigious) Top Dog award may not compare to, you know, being alive, it’ll hopefully go some of the way to assuage his disappointment at losing his title.

We at Badger have always liked Jenson Button – his calmness, his teamwork and his general coolitude (we know it’s not a word, but go with us) all make us think he’d be one of two drivers we’d like to go to the pub with. Guess the other one if you can.

Yes, he hasn’t been as fast as Hamilton this season and it’s doubtful he ever will be, but he took his opportunities to win brilliantly. Perfect strategy calls towards the beginning of the season meant he won a couple of races, but unfortunately he never seemed like a real contender to defend his title.

Roll next season…