After the second thrilling qualifying session in a row, we’re all set for the showdown to the 2010 title.  In case you missed it earlier, Vettel grabbed pole position and raised the bar a few times just to ensure no one came close, Hamilton, with great pace took 2nd ahead of Alonso, Button and Webber down in 5th.  The Aussie was understandably gutted – far from the best way to take the fight to Alonso. – Read our full qualifying report here

Here’s the complete starting grid:

So the big question is – what’s going to happen at the start?  We all know, Hamilton is currently the equivalent of the terminator with guns-a-blazing and nothing to lose so he’ll be determined to get off into turn one first.  Button is just out for some Sunday driving, Alonso is happy with 3rd as long as Webber isn’t in first, speaking of which – being well down in 5th, Webber has it all to do, including overtaking his main title rival.  Tricky stuff.

So, thoughts on the start folks?  Oh and if you’re still confused about the different permutations of who finishes where, use our little guide here: How ‘Your Man’ Can Win