If you’re watching Formula 1 with mates tomorrow, then why not try a Formula 1 drinking game?  Plus, if Vettel does indeed runaway with the win (which seems highly likely) then getting a little bit tipsy merry seems like a good plan.  Plus we’ve got some handy ideas for “Glocktails” for you to make to play the game with!

The Game

Whenever a commentator or pundit says one of his, or her, “classic” phrases, then players have to drink.  If you can finish the catchphrase cliche before the commentator does, then you don’t have to drink!  There’s bonus drinks too…

Martin’s Maxims

“A so-so middle sector”

“He’s had a dismal race/weekend/season”

“He is the meat in a [Team Name] sandwich”

“Hello to our viewers around the world”

“His race has been compromised”

“Hug the apex like it’s your favourite granny”

“That was a banzai move”

“This is a critical phase of the race”

Coulthard’s Catchphrases

“Well, indeed…”

“I agree with Martin”

“Going to have to interrupt you there Martin”

“I’m not sure what Eddie is referring to there”

Ted’s Top Sayings

“I’m in the McLaren garage”

“They say there is nothing wrong with his car”

“He doesn’t need to stop again”

“And I’ll tell you what”


Eddie Jordan’s Jests

Any mention of the Jordan team

Any incomprehensible in-joke

“In my view”

“In a sense”

Lee McKenzie’s Lines

“You must be bitterly disappointed”

“Just talk us through what happened”



Bonus drinks

Humphrey contrives a excuse to use his iPad for something other than reading his lines

Brundle shows us the safety car

Interview with Bernie EcclestoneBrundle barges into another reporter’s interview, annoying them

The cameraman bumps into something/someone

Pointless slo-mo replay

Rob Smedley practically tells Felipe Massa how to drive

Someone is given a drive-through penalty

A driver says “for sure” in the press conference

There is no winner in this game – it’s the taking part that counts!

Timo’s Glocktails

Why not try some of these delicious F1-themed “Glocktails”?

‘Virgin’ Pina Colada

70z pineapple juice

2oz coconut cream

1 cup of crushed ice

Just bung it all in a blender, then add a pineapple chunk for garnishing!  Easy peasy

Fernando Alfonso Mango bellini

1 part mango juice

2 parts champagne (or bubbly generally)

a slice of Alfonso mango

Pour the mango juice into a champagne flute, then add the champers, and top with a slice of mango

Murray Walker sub

1 measure of Johnnie Walker black label (or other whiskey)

1 bottle of ginger ale

Put lots of ice in a high-ball glass, add the Johnnie Walker, and then pour over the ginger ale

A pint of Hakkinen

If the above recipes sound a bit much, try this:

1 pint of Heineken

1 glass

Pour beer in glass.  Job done.  Enjoy!

Credit to the Facebook group The BBC F1 Drinking Game for material and laughs.