Paris, Sunday: New FIA president Jean Todt has ushered in a new era at motorsport’s governing body, this weekend implementing the first of many changes he expects to introduce as he settles into his new role.

Croaky: New FIA President Jean Todt

Reports suggest that one of the Frenchman’s first edicts since assuming the presidency has been to redecorate his new office at the Place de la Concorde. Though no journalists have yet been allowed to visit, it is understood that Max Mosley’s more traditional desk and chair have been thrown out, replaced by what has been described as “a nice, comfortable lily pad.”

Todt has also arranged for a daily shipment of flies and other invertebrates to be delivered to him “for feeding purposes.” Reports that he was last seen attempting to fashion himself a burrow inside one of his office’s cupboards have yet to be confirmed.

Officially the FIA have not commented on the reports, but an unofficial source explained that Todt’s behaviour was not considered to be a problem: “We have had all sorts at the FIA over the years. Most recently, Max sectioned off the whole of the basement, for reasons we can only imagine.

“To be honest, this is not particularly unusual behaviour for a new FIA president, especially one who happens to be an amphibian.”

It has however been suggested that moves to curtail Todt’s behaviour may be taken in preparation for the spring. “That’s breeding season,” our source explained, “and we’re a bit worried that his mating calls might upset some of the delegates.”

Todt’s only comment on the matter was an irritable croak, which is expected to shortly replace Kimi Raikkonen’s “bemused grunt” as the most overused phrase here at The Runoff Area.