Yay for F1 being back, yay for the good looking cars and new liveries, but how did the first race go down, we look into it with our Top 5 review of the Australian Grand Prix.

 Awesome looking cars

Yes we’ve seen them in testing, but seeing these new, angrier looking beasts of racing cars out on track really did show just how good they look with those monstrous tyres and tonnes of grip. Just need FOM to sort out the camera angles so we can appreciate just how quick these cars are.

Who’s faster than who?

Yes, the winner could be declared the fastest, but there’s also the small issue of the Fastest Lap of the race and it was a close fought battle in Australia. Kvyat was determined to get it in his Toro Rosso despite the team telling him not to. Max Verstappen was on the radio to his engineer asking about it as well. When he asked if he was close, he got a flat “No.” – it was an amusing compilation of radio messages with so many drivers keen to be on top of the Fastest Laps table.

And of all people, it was Kimi Raikkonen who claimed it in Melbourne. If only he’d done more laps like that in the rest of the race.

Not a Mercedes domination

Don’t get me wrong, the Mercedes team are excellent and we wouldn’t wish ill on anyone, but Formula 1 needs rivalries, and not just between teammates, so having a different car on the top step is a big thumbs up. But not for Toto, eeek. Well done to Toto-cam for capturing this moment, nice to see real human reaction and emotion.

Pink, yellow and orange

Yes, we like the new colourful F1, but this moment of overtaking was a definite highlight of the race in terms of on-track action. Shame it accounted for 60% of the overtakes throughout the whole race, but hey we’ll take this, but more please. Thanks.

The horse prances again

Not only was it a non-Mercedes victory, but seeing Ferrari back on top (for now at least) sets the balance correctly, it just doesn’t seem right to have F1 without the red car winning every now and then.