Hello all, the Badgerometer here. I’m under slightly different stewardship this week, so bear with my new masters. Quite frankly, they’re idiots.Welcome to the top 5 F1 breakups…


Jenson Button and Louise Griffiths

World © Sutton Jenson Button with then girlfriend Louise Griffiths (Bahrain 2005) Doesn't he look young?!

Remember when Jenson was the young, up and coming British hopeful bursting onto the F1 scene with Williams in 2000? With his new found fame came a ‘celebrity’ girlfriend (we use the word advisedly).  The couple seemed to be doing really well and even got engaged when she’d finished filming ‘Fame Academy’ in 2003.  She also had an (unreleased) single “Catch Me if You Can” (bless) before they split in 2005.  As for now, Louise has been busy with TV shows on MTV and is starring in a US fantasy drama called ‘The Mudman’ (anyone?). In addition, she’s also played a part in the massively viral “clean your balls” commercial for some American shower gel – seriously, watch it here on Youtube.  Classy.


Jacques Villeneuve and Dannii Minogue

Danni and Jacques flirt in the paddock - credit: sutton-images.com

When not adding superfluous letters to the end of her name Danniiiii Minouge also dates celebrities. Sometimes she marries them, others she just becomes engaged; it’s all just a bit of harmless, profile-boosting fun. Between 1999 and 2001 she had the significant other of Jacques Villeneuve, a man who we find it hard to believe considers anyone be significant other than himself. Japes aside, the pint-sized couple split in 2001 despite claims from both that this was ‘it’.  Oddly enough 2001 was perhaps Jacques’ best season in F1. He looked more mature than during his title-winning campaign and netted two podiums in the not-too-fast BAR. Could Danniiiiii have been the source of his powers?


Bernie Ecclestone and that giant Croatian (Slavica Ecclestone)

World © Sutton Slavica and Bernie Ecclestone on the grid at the Brazilian Grand Prix 2007. Might need someone else to help you to put it on her head there, Bernie...

What do you do if you’re a approximately five foot two tall, on your way to becoming very rich and looking for love? Well, for starters, you pursue someone who’s significantly taller than you (a foot, by some accounts), doesn’t speak the same language and is also very attractive. Simple.

Married as they were for nearly 25 years, you can’t say they didn’t give it a good go (having two daughters in the process – see nearly any edition of Badger’s Thursday column – Podium or Pits – for more on them). Sadly, it all ended in 2009 with, according to the Daily Mail, a 58-second hearing. With a cost weighing in at the widely believed sum of $1 billion, it was quite a pricey minute or so for Bernie.

badgerometer-2Beauty and the Beast

Heidi Supermodel Klum and Flavio Oldman Briatore. Did this really happen? Was it a dream? - credit: sutton-images.com

It’s the age old story. Beautiful young woman meets portly, sweating old man on a yacht in Monaco. Naturally they fall in love and live happily ever after, until she falls pregnant and the man (who we forgot to mention was Flavio Briatore) leaves the woman (who is supermodel Heidi Klum –  should have mentioned that too). But the story has a happy ending as, after Flavio, she met, was engaged to and then married the British musician Seal. Apparently, they renew their vows every year on a beach in Mexico. Which is nice. If you can afford it.

badgerometer-1 Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger

So that's why the podium celebration was delayed... Lewis and Nicole celebrate after Hungary 2009 - credit: sutton-images.com

A famous racing driver and a famous pop star? I say, that sounds like a match made in heaven!

So went the thought process of Lewis Hamilton and former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger when, in 2008, they started to ‘step out’ (do the kids still say that?) and, in doing so, became F1’s Posh and Becks. Which is obviously just what F1 needed.

Since then it’s been a breathtaking ride of dull shots of Nicole in the garage and Lewis Hamilton getting his ears pierced. We at Badger have been there every step of the way and, for that, we know you’re all profoundly grateful.

Now that their relationship is no more, the question everyone’s asking is: will we see an end to Lewis Hamilton’s big sunglasses, earrings and other celebrity paraphernalia? With our Badger hearts we’d like to say yes, but with our Badger heads we know it’s not likely.