Today sees the first of a regular Tuesday column for the relaunched BadgerGP (doesn’t the new site look nice?) Each week, we’ll take an aspect of F1, turn it into a Top 5 list and then expose it to your critical glare – we like to call it the ‘Badgerometer’ – The idea is for the ‘Top 5’ concept to be passed around the Sett to whichever writer can get their greedy claws on it, meaning you’ll get a different slant with every week’s column – and we’ve got some good ones coming up, let me tell you now…

This week though, we’re looking at the Top 5 breakdowns. You may think this is going to be a look at a selection of F1’s best mechanical failures, but no dear reader – you’d be wrong. With the usual Badger twist, we’re looking at when the people break down – fight, cry, or just generally lose their cool. So, without further ado, let’s get this show on the road…


Raikkonen, Silverstone, 2008

It’s not that much of a breakdown, but it’s  definitely Kimi losing his cool. It’s  just all a bit undignified.


Sebastian Vettel, Abu Dhabi, 2010

It’s very recent, which is probably why it gets on the list, but Vettel’s crying really was superb. So very, very high…


Schumacher and Couthard, Spa, 1998

Essentially, they had a big crash and Schumacher got a bit violent. It’s all on the video below.


Nelson Piquet and Eliseo Salazar, Hockenheim, 1982

You’ve got to appreciate a man who attacks someone else wearing a crash helmet.


Hakkinen crying in the bushes, Monza, 1999

It’s pretty poor for a number 1 moment, but we can’t find a video of it for love nor money. Perhaps Mika’s had all copies of it destroyed, who knows, but you’ll have to make do with a photo for now.

Essentially, he thought that, by crashing out of the race, his World Championship chances were done and dusted for the year. What do you do in that situation? Nip into the closest set of bushes for a quick weep, that’s what!

As it turned out, he wasn’t out of the championship race and he was filmed by a helicopter while crying forlornly. Oh dear.


It’s not quite a fight, but we at Badger really enjoyed this. F1’s just not this fun anymore, is it?

or this for a better angle, but VERY low quality

[youtube width=290 height=175]