Horror of horrors, our beloved Canadian GP, which has spouted so many awesome events in recent years, was a little short of action. As we’ve been telling you for years, Formula 1 isn’t boring. So with that in mind, here are the things that got us talking at the ‘different’ Canadian GP of 2015!

badgerometer-5-1Kravitz in non-shorts shocker

Ted Kravitz proved that he doesn’t scrub up badly when he took to the podium in what you could almost call a suit. That’s right, the serial shorts-and-sandals wearer was spotted in some rather smart-looking chinos and a sports coat.


He also conducted one of the most professional and least awkward podium interviews in the tradition’s short history. And of course, he still held on to his trusty notebook.

Great work Ted!

badgerometer-41Whatever this is

We can’t be sure, as we can’t bare to look at this picture for too many seconds at a time but… this appears to be Eddie Jordan giving Bernie Ecclestone a piggyback.


badgerometer-311Yellow flag – toys (out of pram) on track

McLaren’s ‘Nando was left feeling anything but cheeky on Sunday after yet another disappointing race, and subsequent retirement.

In hindsight, the retirement could prove to have been entirely self-inflicted after the controversial Spaniard basically told his team to sod off when they requested that he squeeze the accelerator a little more gently.

If you didn’t catch the crackly audio, he said that they “look like amateurs” and that he didn’t want to save fuel. A lot of people have been wondering when Fernando would snap at McLaren for the poor season they’ve had so far, and this might just be the tip of the iceberg. Surely it can’t be any worse than what happened in 2007, though!

badgerometer-21The local wildlife goes-pher it

On-track action was pretty limited in Montreal, so it was down to one plucky little groundhog to provide some entertainment when he scampered onto the track in Sector 1.

Apparently he was soon expelled from the premises when it was revealed he didn’t have a ticket.

The furry little animal also did a much better job of avoiding F1 cars than this unfortunate chap back in 2011…

badgerometer-11Felipe Massa

Formula 1’s fastest Brazilian (Oh matron!) had a shocking weekend in Monaco a couple of weeks ago, and if you were listening to the BBC’s coverage, you were probably reminded a couple of thousand times that he collided with Sergio Perez at the 2014 Canadian Grand Prix as well.

With a loss of power in Q1, he was on the chopping block along with Button, Vettel and the Manor cars on Saturday, but his outright pace overcame all the bad memories and got him up to sixth place come the chequered flag. He narrowly missed out on our TOP DOG for the race, but his skills were indeed noticed – not least his incredibly close duel with Marcus Ericsson that had us holding our breath.


Armed with a much-improved Williams and with the bit well and truly between his teeth, Felipe Baby had a superb race to overcome his qualifying setback.