Going south of the border usually leads to an exciting affair, and though the race was a little more on the tame side than the race last weekend, there were still plenty of good bits to talk about. Charlie Eustice has picked them out.


Kvyat passes Perez

Formula 1’s Russian rookie raced to an average 11th place in Russia. There’s nothing massively interesting about his race. That is, except, for one overtaking manouvre in particular.

It’s the first time I can recall seeing a moveable camera in Formula 1, and it was spectacular. They’ve used similar imaging systems in NASCAR for a while now, and so it’s great to see FOM have finally caught up.

As you can see, the camera tracks Kvyat all the way, and really gives you a great indication of the over-speed he gains from the DRS, as well as some lovely shots of the Force India’s rear suspension absorbing the bumpy tarmac at Interlagos.

Lovely stuff.


Ferrari vs Ferrari (Finally!)

Photo: Scuderia Ferrari Media
Photo: Scuderia Ferrari Media

As soon as it was announced that Kimi Raikkonen would move back to Ferrari for the 2014 season, every F1 fan’s pupils dilated, and they all simultaneously gasped at the prospect of two ferocious, competitive drivers in the most prestigious team in the sport.

Since then though, Raikkonen has offered little of a challenge for Alonso, only coming good for his favourite track (Spa) and being distinctly average elsewhere. Okay, the Prancing Horse has barely trotted this year, but Alonso has made it work, grabbing a couple of podiums on the way.

With all that in mind, it was great to see Kimi and Fernando take each other on in exactly the fashion we had hoped for – it’s just a shame that they decided to do it at (probably) their penultimate race together.

Compare this weekend to the one he had in Austin and you have two very different Icemen – Polar (har har!) opposites you could say! His performance impressed us so much, we made him our Top Dog for the race!


Rosberg won fair and square

Love him, like him, tolerate him or despise him, Nico Rosberg showed that he has the talent to at least challenge for the title. Hamilton has tended to come out on top in their head-to-head clashes in the past, but the Brit just couldn’t gain the upper hand at Interlagos.

One thing not in any doubt is that Rosberg was helped hugely by Lewis’ little exploration of the artificial grass at turn five.

The mistake cost Lewis around eight seconds of track time. Although the 2008 World Champion ate that deficit up by the end of the race, it was no easy task to get pack, nor was it a foregone conclusion that the German would win.

Rosberg still had to keep his car on the tarmac and hold his old buddy at arms’ length when he was in DRS range. And that was the last twelve laps of the race – Rosberg kept the coolest of cool heads and didn’t falter, despite his team mate being no further than a second behind. Credit where it’s due!


Felipe Baby!

Formula 1’s flagship Brazilian and one of the most likeable guys in the sport – Felipe Massa was the home hero in Sao Paolo, and seeing him emerge on the podium in third place ensured that the biggest crescendo of the weekend was for him.

He didn’t trouble to top two… at all. In fact, the Mercedes cars managed a 40-second gap over anyone else, such is the dominance of the W05 still, but Massa may as well have won the race considering the reaction from the fans. He qualified third, overtook Hulkenberg for third, and emerged on the podium third, three feats which sent the Brazilian faithful into hysterical celebrations.

His triumphs were not without difficulties though. First, he gained a 5-second Stop/Go penalty for speeding in the pit lane at his first stop. He had to serve that at his second stop, and at his final pitstop, he managed to stop in the wrong garage, but despite the adversity, and perhaps willed on by the amazing home support, he parked it on the podium.

Jolly good show.


Nelson Cheek-quet

Firstly, please forgive the pun.

Secondly, and most importantly, if you only listened on the radio or his cameo didn’t make it into the BBC Highlights, this is what Nelson Piquet did to Niki Lauda at the Brazilian GP:

To see the two triple-champs horsing around together in the Mercedes garage was something of a treat and may have brought back nostalgia for fans older than I, to see two of the 70s/80s stars catching up, pinching ears and forcefully trying to kiss one another… yeah.

Piquet then went on to further his antics by conducting almost definitely the most awkward podium interview of all time. He handled Nico Rosberg fairly well, asking a few mundane questions about the race. However, when he came to Lewis Hamilton, he basically told him he fancied his missus, and asked where she was.

Disregarding motorsport-based questions entirely, after hitting on Miss Scherzinger, he moved straight towards Felipe Massa, seeming to forget to ask any questions to do with the race, and then ramped-up the crowd by talking Portuguese with the home favourite, which you can kind of understand.

Never thought we’d say this but…bring back Eddie Jordan!


Badger Bash!


That’s us blowing our own trumpet!

Our Brazilian Badger Bash was a fantastic occasion at the wonderful Roxy Bar and Screen in London, with nearly 100 of our fantastic readers (yes, you guys!) in attendance

The race might not have been the classic we were all hoping for, but the free doughnuts before the race certainly sweetened the deal, as well as a tricky F1 quiz, Badger Bingo, and a raffle.

The atmosphere inside the cinema was fantastic all race, and it was a truly unique experience to go through a whole race, with collective “Oohs” and “Aahs” ringing out at every on-track event. Plus, there were some amazing prizes won by fans, including a beautiful Jenson Button painting by Paul Oz, some Senna caps, Jenson Button flags, some really awesome Memento Exclusives, and more!
Thanks to all of you who came along, there will be a full report up in a few days, so send your comments in and we could feature them!


What did you think of the race? Do you think we missed anything important? Let us know in the comments below! The final race is in Abu Dhabi, in two weeks’ time, where the 2014 World Champion will be decided!