Niki Lauda

Spoken like a tru- well a true Niki Lauda.
Spoken like a tru- well a true Niki Lauda. – Photo by Shivraj Gohil @ShivyF1

It’s hard to know where to even start after a desert storm like that one.

In a race where cars became the backdrop to an array of stunning driver performances, choosing the Top Dog for the Bahrain Grand Prix is about as hard as it gets. Take it from us; a lot of Badger’s have suffered headaches this evening.

But, we have a winner. But not, perhaps, who many might expect.

Let’s look at the contenders. Up top we had the phenomenal inter-team battle between Hamilton and Rosberg; two old friends from their karting days, going absolutely toe-to-toe and refusing to give an inch throughout the race. A battle that formed the headline act in a show that hasn’t been bettered for seat-of-the-pants action since Canada 2011. Proper racing, yet proper frightening for an Mercedes-AMG pitwall in a race that could have broken even the most stubborn of sweat on the brow of Toto Wolff. Oh what we’d give to hear him shriek live on air…

Speaking of sweat, the Bahraini desert wasn’t too harsh to the Sahara Force India team really, with a well deserved podium finish for Sergio Perez. Punchy yet fair, clinical yet aggressive , and the upper-hand over team-mate Hulkenberg come the chequered flag, the Mexican put in a stormer that in pretty much any other race would have seen him crowned Top Dog.

Perez is unlucky, but he’s lost out to a little known Austrian we’re afraid.

Niki Lauda has launched many controversial quotes in his time in and out of the cockpit, with little regard offered in the way of PR. And it’s Lauda’s refreshing tones that have earned him our Top Dog award, after he perfectly, directly, and comically summed up* the current state of affairs in Formula One shortly after the barnstorming sporting spectacle:

“It is the best race so far, and really I have to say all this bulls**t that talks about the racing in general, and the complaints about noise and complaints about fuel, it’s all rubbish. Look at this race; it was one of the best races I have seen in all of my life.”

Congratulations Niki, you’re our Top Dog for Bahrain.


*Lauda was speaking to Sky F1, which of course, was live-on-air, and pre-watershed.