Daniel Ricciardo

Photo: Red Bull Racing Media
Photo: Red Bull Racing Media

Now, this was a hard choice for once. Top Dog is usually us deciding on one of several great performances over the course of the weekend, but everything good that happened seems to be overshadowed by that collision early on in the race.

Not that there wasn’t any stellar drives. Valterri Bottas nabbed another podium after capitalising on you-know-what to harass Sebastian Vettel and pull off the move you-know-who tried on lap 2. And, brilliantly, the Finn has now scored 4 podiums in the last 5 races.

Kimi Raikkonen shook out the cobwebs to string together a drive worthy of his Ferrari salary. Andre Lotterer didn’t embarrass himself in the Caterham. If anything, the team’s reliability issues embarrassed him.

But we’ve got to go with Danny Ric for this one. That’s three wins for the grinning Aussie in 2014, in a car that, in January, was sat on the side of the Jerez track, smoking contently. It’s taken countless man hours from everyone involved at Red Bull, and they’ve gone from laughing-stock to title dark horses in 7 months.

And Daniel Ricciardo is the one delivering the results. This was a brilliant coming-of-age drive, a mature, confidence performance, made more impressive by how he controlled a car carrying less downforce than most of the field, and preserved his tyres to a point where he could control the advancing Nico Rosberg.

We’re seeing the emergence of an incredible talent, and it’s only right we award it – keep smiling Danny Boy, you’re our Top Dog for Spa!