Kimi Raikkonen

Photo Credit: Octane Photographic
Photo Credit: Octane Photographic

Cast your mind back a week or so ago, and Kimi Raikkonen suffered what was quite possibly his worst race performance in, well, ever.

Seven days later, and the Finn had rather gotten his mojo back in an act of self-preservation and assurance that he is still a world champion, and he is still bloody good. Let’s examine further…

On a day where blistering was rife on both the soft, and medium, Pirelli tyres, Kimi made a two-stop strategy work to finish 7th after starting 10th; something that no other driver could manage around a baking hot Interlagos. ‘Tenth to seventh…’ not a set of stats to set the world alight by any means, but the Finn’s ability to eek out the rubber in a car still far from suited to him can not be underestimated on a day where even the likes of Mercedes struggled to cope.

It was also in the nature of how Raikkonen eventually clinched that 7th place; not only did he circulate in 3rd for much of the first half of the race (a position that must have become a distant memory for him of late), but his tenacity in fending off his teammate Fernando Alonso late on  also showed that on top of his woeful Austin weekend, and beneath that leave me alone exterior, there’s still a more than capable warrior, worthy of his seat at Ferrari in 2015.

Well done Kimi, you’re our Top Dog!