Valtteri Bottas

As with any race in 2014, it seems, picking the best driver of the day from an action packed British Grand Prix has been a gruelling process.

Could we have given it to the race winner Lewis Hamilton? We all know how much he needed a race to unfold for him like it did on Sunday, but did he really out-perform his car? Did he take himself to the limit like he used to? Not really. Mercedes have the fastest car out there by some margin. Despite the Brit cutting his way through the field in the early laps, you kind of felt that it was bound to happen.

What about settling the dispute (both on track, and off it) between Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel? The two went at it like heavyweight boxers throughout the latter stages of the Grand Prix, but we can’t help that feel the whole thing was marred by complaints over track limit violations and overenthusiastic defending. We want to see the fighting on track, not over team radios, thanks.

Jenson Button was a lap away from the perfect result he could have wished for at Silverstone. The support he received from everyone in attendance, and those of us watching at home (or a well organised, highly entertaining Badger Bash in London) was phenomenal, and a podium would have been the icing on the #PinkforPapa cake. Alas, it wasn’t to be, despite the amount of willing we put into him.

No, whilst all of the above could have received the coveted Top Dog award, we plumped for someone else. Someone who managed a mammoth start at the beginning of the race, and slowly sliced his way through the field. No, like we said, this isn’t going to Lewis Hamilton, but to Williams’ flying Finn, Valtteri Bottas.

It very hard to forget that this is only the second season for Bottas, but his guile and pace belies his years. After a season of disappointment for Williams in 2013, it’s all starting to click for all involved. The fact that the Finn has two podium finishes this season, while his more experienced teammate Felipe Massa has none, only adds to the argument that Valterri is the man to help Williams regain their spot as a pantheon of Formula One.

All from 14th on the grid too. At this rate, a win is only two broken Mercedes cars away. We can only keep our fingers crossed.

Photo: WilliamsF1/LAT
Photo: WilliamsF1/LAT