Quite a few drivers were in line to receive our first TOP DOG (Driver of the Day) award of 2016, which is always a sign of a great grand prix. Phew.

Max Verstappen made some good moves, was fun on the team radio, a bit childish mind. Alonso survived a huge crash and handled it well. Jolyan Palmer made a terrific debut, Rosberg was solid, but our Top Dog of them all was Romain Grosjean.


The Frenchman ran a fantastic race, with a pit stop strategy that fell into place with the safety car, overall giving the best possible performance for the new HAAS team, the best for a debut team since Brawn GP.

Seeing his happy face in the post race interviews was a pleasure and such a great result for a new team in F1 is only a good thing.


Well done Formula 1, after a rubbish Saturday you came good on Sunday and especially well done to Romain Grosjean, our first TOP DOG of 2016

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