Daniel Ricciardo

Photo Credit: Octane Photographic
Photo Credit: Octane Photographic

F1 2014 is great. Except it’s not so great when it comes down to picking a Top Dog after every weekend, with such great racing being produced race in, race out.

Germany was no different, as the Hockenheimring produced yet another stunning race, and a debate worthy of a G20 Summit reining true within The Sett. But who won? And who came close?

From the top, it was another peerless performance by Nico Rosberg who, quite frankly, coasted to his fourth victory of the season for Mercedes. It was his first in front of a home crowd for the part Finnish/Monegasque/German driver. We jest, we jest.

Did somebody say ‘Finnish’? It was a good finish for Finnish driver Valtteri Bottas, who finished second after holding off a resurgent Lewis Hamilton over the final six laps of the race, after a calm, controlled, incident-free drive to take his third podium in three races for Williams. Is was everything that teammate Felipe Massa’s race wasn’t.

Hamilton himself had a stormer, but did we really expect anything different? Arguably avoidable contact with Jenson Button cost him second come the chequered flag, with damage to his left fron wing endplate hurting his tyre preservation, forcing him on to a three-stop strategy.

So, through that process of eliniation, it leaves us with a certain grinner as our winner…

Daniel Ricciardo obviously watched the Silverstone race back, noted the epic Fernando Alonso-Sebastian Vettel duel and decided to yet again steal his teammate’s thunder, as he has done all season. Germany was no different, with Quick-Ric duelling absolutely toe-to-toe with one the best in the business, twice retaking the Spaniard and displaying a masterclass in defensive driving around Hockenheim.

Eventually, Ricciardo had to concede fifth place to Alonso, but only after producing one of the highlights of the season. Furthermore, a sixth place finish after dropping to 15th on the first lap is hardly poor, is it?

The Aussie’s becoming a regular in this feature, and in a season where ‘driver of the day’ becomes ever impossible to decipher, Helmut Marko, Christian Horner, and dental-fanatics everywhere can be proud.

Well done Daniel, you’re our Top Dog for Germany!