Perseverance – noun
“persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.”

Jules Bianchi

Credit: Marussia Media
Credit: Marussia Media

45. That is the number of races since 2012 that Marussia had entered  (more as Virgin Racing previously) before today’s Monaco Grand Prix. 45 difficult, long races all over the world yielding no points. But today… today was special.

Jules Bianchi battled to 19th in Qualifying, showing glimpses of speed and come race-day put in a sterling drive to bring home the Banbury based Anglo-Russian outfit’s first points despite serving 2 penalties (albeit one under the safety car, causing the other).

Bianchi battled throughout with arguably faster Lotus, Saubers and the odd Ferrari to bring home a precious two points.

Here in the sett, we like an underdog, and can’t help but feel this success is LONG overdue. Jules Bianchi, and Marussia you are our Top Dogs for the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix.  Well done!