Yes this could be taken as a bit of self-promotion, but we genuinely find it fascinating which of our light-hearted and fun tweets get the most attention, so we did some research and can now present our most favourited and retweeted tweets of 2017 Formula One coverage.

In at 10 is for that moment when Fernando Alonso worked some of his magic to put his under-performing McLaren up into P1, albeit in Q1. But hey ho, no one else would have done that in a 2017 McLaren. Kudos Fernando, kudos.

At 9 we have Marcus Ericsson. In F1 it’s never good to crash, but crashing while overtaking the safety car, that’s just unforgivable.

For number 8 we have Batman’s reaction to an incident when Stroll and Sainz collided. Both drivers claimed the other hit them. Here we have Batman doing his best impression of the race stewards.

For number 7 it’s one of our favourite things on Twitter – when the official team accounts enjoy banter, publicly for all to see. Nice one Force India and Mercedes, nice one.

Max Verstappen helped us make our 6th most popular tweet of the year. Proving all the other drivers wrong, again with some epic moves.

In at 5 is the DRS sign at Silverstone for the British GP – we kept an eye on eBay, but can only assume this cheeky cyclist made it home and framed the polystyrene sign, good work!

At 4 is Lewis Hamilton, the 2017 Champion. His celebratory moves for 2017 didn’t match those from the 2015 title, so we reminded everyone of his ‘dabbing’. Classy.

On the podium is Martin Brundle’s harsh but fair put down. He clearly doesn’t rate Romain Grosjean too highly. Kung Fu Panda found Brundle’s comments a little cutting too.

In a close 2nd is our ‘exclusive’ look at the moment when Hamilton and Vettel met each other in the paddock after the Baku Grand Prix. Sources confirm this was an accurate representation after Vettel’s wheel bashing efforts.

And our most liked tweet of the year was this fantastic alternative camera angle for the start of the Singapore Grand Prix.

See you all for more of our alternative Grand Prix coverage in 2017!