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Five Things We’re Excited To See In Austin

Plenty to talk about as the F1 circus makes it to the fan favourite of Austin, Texas - Craig Norman picks five things we've got our eyes peeled for.
How the 2012 USA Grand Prix Circuit will look

The American Revolution?

Grand Prix racing in the United States has faced an identity crisis in the recent past but on November 12 2012 the U.S GP will return to the Formula 1 calendar in Austin, Texas after more than a four-year absence. It will regain its footing in the country among tumbleweeds and cowboy hats in the Lone Star State.

“Dude, where are all the cars?” – Does F1 need two races in the...

Formula One and the United States haven't had an altogether brilliant relationship over the last decade. Today, Badger asks whether the US really needs two of our cherished Grands Prix. Do they?