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Just what did the Australian GP tell us about F1 in 2017?

Rob Watts looks beyond the timing sheets to see what the first race of the season really tells us about the new F1 season.

The Top 5 from Down Under

The Badgerometer is back from 2017, looking back at the first race of the new season.

Our TOP DOG for the Australian Grand Prix is…

Just who could it be? Clue: he's not in this photo...

Badger talks to the Honey Badger – Daniel Ricciardo

Amidst his very busy schedule, Badger’s Sarah Merritt managed to grab some time to sit down in Red Bull hospitality with the Honey Badger himself, Daniel Ricciardo.

Australian GP Round Up

The first of this year's Rumble Strips series rounds up the Aussie GP, with Schwarzenegger quotes. Obviously.

The Best F1 Photos from the Australian Grand Prix

It wasn't a classic GP, but here's our collection of some great photos from the Aussie GP weekend

Badger GP Wakes Up London with the Aussie GP Bash

Loads of fans celebrate the start of the 2015 season with Badger GP LIVE in London. At 4am.

Schwarzenegger Dominates Down Under

Mercedes dominated the race, but the legend dominated the event.

Aussie GP Qualifying – 2015 F1 is GO! …for some

Ricciardo isn't smiling. Neither are McLaren, Manor or Force India, in fact everyone is a little miffed by Mercedes' pace.

Watch the 2015 Australian GP LIVE in London

Join 100 F1 fans to watch the first race of the season, win awesome prizes with the GP Pub Quiz, raffle, bingo and more.

2015 Australian Grand Prix Bash

Watch the race and more with us, LIVE in London, yes at that time in the morning...

Grand Prix Stories – Melbourne ’98

"Grand Prix Stories" is a new series of articles written by F1 fans and their experiences of going a GP. First up is F1 James with his brilliant tale of his trick to the Melbourne '98 GP.

Join us for the Australian GP Breakfast

Join Badger GP for the Australian Grand Prix live in London on the big screen in high definition with surround sound. Tickets include full English breakfast with unlimited tea, coffee and juice. Doors open at 5am.

Albert Park Circuit Right Now

Badger GP's correspondant that goes by the name of "Senior Badger" is over in Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix, he's there already and...

Vettel left wondering what could have been…

Sebastian Vettel must be crossing all his fingers and toes that come Malaysia and round 3 of the 2010 season, his car will last...

The Aussie Grand Prix Top 5

Welcome to Badger's fickle barometer of Formula 1!  Top 5 from the Australian grand prix?  Top 20 more like.  After Bahrain we were all...

Hamilton "a dickhead" & Webber Reprimanded

The 2008 world champion has been branded 'a dickhead' by the Minister of Roads for Victoria in Australia

Forget the Numbers – It’s The Australia Raw Pace League Table

This is the Raw Race Pace League Table - where we rank all the teams on their raw pace, regardless of times, wins or what have you.