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Spa 1953

Sports Car Musings

Manor Motorsport's Geoff Collins looks back at the history of Spa and Sportscars.

Five of Formula One’s Best Underdog Wins

Everyone loves a good sporting underdog. Laura Leslie takes a look back at five of the best underdog wins Formula One has seen over the past two decades.

The Top 5 from Sochi

Charlie Eustice is back with the top 5 after a crazy race in Sochi; what made the Badgerometer?

SnapShot: The Best Photos from the Russian GP

Be it for their artistic quality, humour or the story they tell, these are the best images from Sochi. Enjoy.

The TOP DOG for Russia is…

Just who could it be...

“The Man Who Taught Me Everything” – Sir Jackie Stewart remembers Jim Clark

Kate Hewitt brings us an insightful look at the life of Jim Clark, as seen through the eyes of Sir Jackie Stewart when she sat down with him recently.

Have We Got F1 News For You

Our satirical take on the goings on in Formula 1
Fantasy GP

Last Chance* to join the 2012 Fantasy GP Championship

After the two practice rounds of Australia and Malaysia, the points totals will be reset to zero for China and the championship will begin...
Fantasy GP

Fantasy GP – Make Your Own Friends League Now!

With 'Friends Leagues' you can setup your own mini league within Fantasy GP to have your own private championship with friends, co-workers, family or whoever you like - maybe your Twitter followers for example.

Fantasy GP: Join the Martin Brundle Fans League

Fantasy Grand Prix is a great way to get involved in F1 right from your sofa.  You can create your dream team of cars...

Fantasy GP: How To Win!

Fantasy GP is easy to play, but tricky to win, especially when there are 1000s of players, but to make things a little easier and to give you a greater insight into the game, how it works and the different strategies you can employ, we've put together this extensive guide.

Fantasy GP – The 2012 Fantasy F1 World Championship is Go!

Our famous Fantasy Grand Prix game is now open for the business for the 2012 Formula 1 World Championship, featuring all the drivers and...

Win Tickets to “Grand Prix”The Pre-Season F1 Fan Meetup

This February - A unique event for F1 fans to meet up and have a chat about the 2012 F1 season and enjoy a screening of the 1966 classic, "Grand Prix" at London's Roxy Bar and Screen.

We Want Your Letters – Get in touch with the Badger!

We like post, in fact I reckon everyone loves post - both to receive and to send, so in light of this, here at...

Badger Badges! They’re Here!

Merchandise has been a long time coming, but here at the Sett, we thought that it's time we offered some BadgerGP merchandise! What...