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Australian GP Badgerometer

The Badgerometer looks back at the Aussie GP to produce the TOP 5 Things from the first race of the season

14 Formula 1 Beards

It's not just the great names, cars and races that make F1's glorious history. There's a fine history of facial hair too. Really.

Top 5 Shortest F1 Careers

Charlie Eustice takes a look at those who had a cup of coffee with an F1 car and never came back.

Fernando Alonso’s Top 5 for Ferrari

It's official; Fernando Alonso is off to McLaren. Most people who have had their eyes peeled will know that the Spaniard has been 'unofficially'...

Top 5 Pit Stop Perils

This week's Badgerometer looks at the Top 5 things that can (and have) gone wrong when attempting to get an F1 car in (and out) of the pits super quicksharp.