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Merry Christmas from Bernie Ecclestone

Just like everyone else, Bernie Ecclestone sends Christmas cards, but these cards are a bit different to everyone else's efforts, enjoy them all here.

Scorpion Racing looks to revive HRT from the dead

58 races, 56 starts, 32 retirements 7 drivers, 0 points. We know, we know, it makes a tempting purchase - well at least to a...

Podium or Pits: grand prix POP!

The top POP story this week is the rumoured Rupert Murdoch takeover of F1 - scary stuff! On the podium this week: The Driver Formerly Known as Lewis Hamilton, and F1's Got Talent...

Podium or Pits: Grand Prix POP!

It's Thursday afternoon, so it must be time for another Podium or Pits, the original good-week-bad-week of Formula One. This week we're talking diamond-encrusted books, Malaysian weather, Hamilton siblings and the Ecclestone girls.

Ecclestone wants artificial rain to spice up F1

"We always had the most exciting races in the wet so let's think of making rain," says the ever-controversial Ecclestone.

POP: The Good week/ Bad week of F1

This week is a bumper PITS week for Bernie Ecclestone! Read on for all the juicy gossip courtesy of Podium or Pits...

POP: The good week / bad week of F1

Scandal! Marvellous scandal! As you may have guessed, Podium or Pits isn't really that concerned about the dry dull news about cogs, wheel nuts, drive shafts (whatever those are) of Formula 1. No, POP is much more interested in what makes Formula 1 so fascinating: the people, the teams, and the money which are all behind the brilliant racing we so avidly watch. And this week folks, POP has a corker of a scandal to share...

POP: Podium or Pits?

POP's regular columnist is back, and so is Formula 1 in ... 31 days! That's barely over a month! But aside from such excitement, this week's news has been dominated by Bobby K's crash (as we here at Badger affectionately call him). So despite a 'Pits' week for Bobby K, POP is putting him on the 'Podium' as we all wish him a speedy recovery...

POP! It’s Podium or Pits…

Welcome to the first Podium or Pits of the new year! Somehow the upcoming 2011 season feels that bit closer now, phew (only 65...

Bernie Ecclestone mugged outside London home

F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone was mugged on Wednesday night as he returned to his London home, leaving the 80-year-old in hospital with a bump...

Bernie revives medals system plan for F1.

He’s at it again. F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has renewed his push for an Olympic-style medals system to be used to decide the winner...

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