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Pimms, Porsches & Pretty, Old Motors

Friday of the British Grand Prix and although it looked like sun this was because a positively Arctic gale was blowing across the track and pushing the clouds away. But me and the other badgers braved the cold (some in shorts!) and headed to the track to see the new Red Bull nose and our first glimpse of the Brawn car in the flesh [..]

A Dinner Date with Red Bull Racing

Finally the Badger goes on the road and because so much happened over the weekend, the Badgerometer is going supersize this week with a series of articles in no particular order (well actually that’s a lie they’ll be in chronological order, but no particular order of preference) and this week’s 'miffed with' is to be replaced by a 'stunned by' and I will do my best to adequately describe the horrors bestowed on us by Eddie Jordan...