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The Top Dog for Brazil is…

Find out who we gave our TOP DOG driver of the day to for the Braziliant Grand Prix

Six reasons to watch the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton has been crowned 2018 champion so there's no need to watch the Brazilian Grand Prix, right? Wrong!

An Interview with Paul Oz with his new Lewis Hamilton World Champion Art

Our friends at Memento Exclusives have just launched the latest artwork by Paul Oz - hot off the easel. And while it's drying had a chat with Paul Oz about his work and love of Formula 1

The Top Dog for Mexico is…

¡Hola amigos! Bienvenidos a la F1esta.It’s my turn to take the Top Dog reins this week and it sure was a difficult one to...

Five reasons to watch the 2018 Mexican Grand Prix

Yes, Lewis Hamilton can and probably will win the 2018 Championship on Sunday, but that's not the only reason to watch...

Badgerometer 2018 US Grand Prix Edition

Chris Fawcett brings you our TOP 5 from the rather brilliant US Grand Prix

The Top Dog for USA is…

Who is our TOP DOG (aka Driver of the Day) for the US Grand Prix? Find out now!

The Forgotten Swede: The Life and Legacy of Gunnar Nilsson

October 20th marks 40 years since the passing of a Swedish F1 driver who could have surpassed the great Ronnie Peterson. Kevin Ayres walks us through the sadly curtailed career of Gunnar Nilsson, and the legacy he left behind.

Six reasons to watch the 2018 U.S. Grand Prix

We love COTA, everyone loves COTA and this weekend, Hamilton could take the title at COTA. And there are plenty more reasons to watch on Sunday as Nicky Haldenby shares...

How Hamilton can win the title in the USA

Find out how Lewis Hamilton can be the 2018 Champion this weekend, and what Vettel needs to do to hold on to his title hopes with our handy guide.

Badgerometer Japan 2018 Edition

Lewis Hamilton took another step closer to title number five at Suzuka, while his rival imploded yet again. It was almost a happy homecoming...

The Top Dog for Japan is…

Find out who we made out Driver of the Day, better known as the TOP DOG for Japan 2018

Six reasons to get up for the 2018 Japanese Grand Prix

It's an early start for UK fans on Sunday, but here are our 6 reasons why you need set that alarm for the Japanese GP

Badgerometer Russia 2018 Edition

Our own review of the Russian Grand Prix, in the original Badger style

The Top Dog for Russia is…

Zdravstvuyte, F1 comrades.Another race, another controversy. You may think 'silly season' is all about driver contracts but, as the end of the 2018 campaign...

Five reasons to watch the 2018 Russian Grand Prix

Six rounds remain, and Sebastian Vettel will have a fight on his hands to end Mercedes' dominance of the Russian Grand Prix. Here are your reasons to watch all of the action this weekend!

Did Ya Miss Me? Drivers who returned to their former teams (Part 2)

Continuing his look at drivers who returned to former teams, Kevin Ayres now turns his attention to two drivers who had mixed success from it – Nigel Mansell and Fernando Alonso

Did Ya Miss Me? Drivers who returned to their former teams (Part 1)

Kimi is returning to Sauber, and as Kevin Ayres has found, you don’t have to delve too deeply into the history books to find other drivers who have returned to former teams. Part 1 looks at Hill and Prost.

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